Thursday, 22 March 2012


The title above is a good quote for me. Why? (whether I can’t see people in good prespective or they just really don’t good enough) all I know is I can’t simply adapt in relationship with anyone. I hate every trait of anyone that don’t match my trait. That’s horrible. I should remind my self to maintain good unity in diversity.

Is it because I love my self too much, I’m a fucking selfish and self-oriented bitch? Do I think that I’m the one with special authority to decide which is right or wrong? Just like Rachel Berry in Glee?

I hate people when they can’t understand me, I hate people for win over me. Evenmore in emotional -romantic- relationship, I can be thrice selfish than I used to be in general. I think it’s just because when you’re emotionally involved to someone, you will act dramatic, because you just overthink about everything.

Omfg, I don’t know what’s more to say.

Maybe my friends are true, I’m the real life ms. annoying Rachel Berry.

btw, cara ngelink pie sih? iya iya aku ndeso -_-

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